Do you need therapy?

When you feel you are not able to do it alone;
when you feel trapped and don't know which way to turn;
when you feel worthless, useless and a burden on your friends and family;
when you lack motivation and even though you know what you could do - you can't get moving;
when you worry all the time and can't seem to find the answers;
when the way you feel is affecting your everyday life, your job, your relationships, your eating habits, your sleep;
when the advice offered by family and friends doesn't help you feel any better..... perhaps you need someone to talk to.
You may be be suffering emotional pain as a result of:
Anxiety - Depression - Grief, Loss and Bereavement - Panic Attacks- Anger Management - Marital and Relationship Difficulties - Sexual Abuse or Dysfunction - Gender Identity - Eating Disorders - Social Anxiety - Low Self-esteem - Illness or Disability - Bullying - Substance and Alcohol Abuse - Addiction - Trauma & Related Disorders - Phobias - Workplace Problems

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